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Karianton Tampubolon
Transfer Pricing Specialist, He has 15 years experience work in oil and gas industry, coal company and heavy equipment.

Oliver Nadeak, SE
Transfer Pricing Tax Lawyer, He has many experiences in handling taxes audit for various taxes cases.
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We found that some TP docs for Indonesian entities have not been made by using Indonesian TP Doc model. Many transfer pricing expert have prepared the TP study and TP doc applied the OECD guidelines for Indonesia tax payer. This practice happened because the lack of knowledge of transfer pricing expert in Indonesia. This situation forced many tax and accounting firms engaged the international practitioners who mastering the Europe model to do the TP study for Indonesian tax payer.

To anticipate tax risk issue in the future, Indonesian company should ensure that the TP Doc will be prepared by Indonesian TP doc Model as per regulation number PER-32/PJ./2011. To remodel (to revise) company TP doc as per Indonesian Model, you can contact us for further information.

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Tax Audit on Transfer Pricing

Indonesia Tax Director has released the circulation letter number SE-07/PJ/2012 about the tax audit strategic. Based on that circulation letter, one of the tax audit object is the entities with the transfer pricing exposure. read more...

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